Our Quality Control

We grade all our mining production ourselves and draw on over 50 years combined experience in handling rough Sapphires to select the best 2-3% of the Blue sapphire mined plus the best of the fancy, green, yellow and 'Parti colour' stones for faceting as Coolamon Sapphire.

We have also spent over 10 years establishing a stable of gem cutters who produce faceted
gems that have been correctly cut and polished. Our cutters appreciate the qualities of the
rough and respect the intrinsic value and quality of each stone to deliver flaw-free, eye clean gems.

The finished gems are again graded by us before the very finest are offered as Coolamon
Sapphires or Coolamon Blue. This enables is to provide a reliable range of sizes of gems in various colours. Matched colour sets are our specialty.

You, the jeweller and your clients, can be assured that the gems we supply as Coolamon Sapphires have been graded and screened by us at every step in the process.
With quality control in force from the rough corundum to the finished gem.

Good quality sapphire has rapidly become a truly rare gemstone and it should be treated with respect for its rarity as well as its great beauty, being very much rarer even than diamonds. Beautiful Queensland gemstones are now available to you direct from Coolamon Mining, and we are happy to discuss any special requests or specific orders with you.

Experience our personal service and buy your sapphires with confidence from the people who mine them and who have the best interests of the Australian Gemstone Industry at heart.

Coolamon Sapphires Faceted Stone Trade Price List

 To obtain our Trade Price Listing, please email us with your business details at info@coolamonsapphires.com


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Ordering - Australia

For established clients in the Jewellery trade we will send material on approval, with payment or return within 14 days of invoice.

To order contact us by :
Phone (07) 4933 0151
Email: info@coolamonsapphires.com

For new clients we ask that for your initial order you contact us by phone to discuss your requirements and terms of sale.
Phone (07) 4933 0151

Ordering - International
Phone: +617 4933 0151

Unless prior arrangements have been made we require payment prior to despatch.

Purchasers should realise that the destination and the size of order will impact on the oncosts (freight insurance ,duties etc) that apply to international orders.


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